Cyfrowy Polsat S.A. - PLN, series A Bonds 

Key Information

Issuer:  Cyfrowy Polsat S.A.  
Series/ISIN: Series A, PLCFRPT00039 (CPS0721)  
Stock Exchange: Catalyst (ASO GPW) 
Nominal value: PLN 1,000  
Number of the bonds: 1,000,000  
First and last days of interest periods: January 21 and July 21  
Interest: variable  
WIBOR 6M +250bps  if leverage ratio <3.5x
WIBOR 6M +275bps if leverage ratio  3.5-4.0x
WIBOR 6M +325bps if leverage ratio >4.0x
Maturity: July 21, 2021
Method of offering bonds: public offer to specified investors
Security: none  
Call Schedule: Date: Call price:
  until July 21, 2016  103%
  until July 21, 2017  102%
until July 21, 2018  101%
after July 21, 2018  100%

Documents related to the issue of series A Bonds


corporate rating of the Grouplast update
Standard & Poors BB+, positive December 18, 2018
Moody's Ba2, positive August 8, 2017

Analysts responsible for Cyfrowy Polsat's credit ratings:

Standard & Poors
Justine Miquee

Victor Garcia Capdevila

Last updated 05/07/2019