Polsat Group sums up its Q2’19 results: 1.9 million customers of multiplay services, a new Polish Premiership package and OTT web TV available via any provider’s Internet connection

Cyfrowy Polsat Group ended Q2 with very good and stable operating results in both segments of its business while demonstrating very good financial performance and, once again, record-low churn. The Group’s offer of sports programs, which is consistently being developed, has been enriched to include two new TV channels, i.e.

Last updated 09/02/2019

Summary of Q1 2019 results of Cyfrowy Polsat Group: over 500 thousand contract services more, EBITDA exceeding PLN 1 billion, launch of new offers, including fiber-optic Internet access and IPTV cable TV

Cyfrowy Polsat Group started 2019 very well – around 300 thousand more multiplay customers and in excess of 500 thousand additional contract services year-on-year, with churn again at a record low level of 7.2%.

Last updated 05/14/2019

Cyfrowy Polsat Group sums up 2018: acquisition of Netia, stronger position in premium sport content, consistent implementation of multiplay strategy and nearly PLN 10.7 billion in revenue

Cyfrowy Polsat Group ended 2018 with very good financial and operating results. The Group accomplished its assumed goals and strengthened its position on the pay TV, telecommunications as well as TV broadcasting and production markets. It currently provides nearly 14.3 million services and thanks to the consistent implementation of the multiplay strategy it has seen further reduction of the already record-low churn level.

Last updated 03/21/2019

Stronger ownership supervision and management functions in Zygmunt Solorz’s Group

Polsat Group, the biggest Polish media-and-telecommunication group which was built from scratch by Zygmunt Solorz on the basis of Polish capital, the unquestioned leader of Polish economy, is in the process of evolving its supervisory and management functions. Mr. Zygmunt Solorz, together with his sons, will be exercising ownership supervision of the Group from the level of respective supervisory boards.

Last updated 01/18/2019

Cyfrowy Polsat Group sums up its results for Q3: over 14 million contract services, churn rate at a record low level and very good sales results of Polsat Sport Premium channels featuring UEFA Champions League matches

Cyfrowy Polsat Group closed Q 3 2018 with very good operating results in both segments, and delivered strong financial results which reflect a healthy condition of the business. Furthermore, the Group exceeded 14 million contract services provided to its customers and thanks to the consistent multiplay strategy the churn rate was at the record low level. The Group has started monetizing the rights to the UEFA Champions League and generated very good sales results of the Polsat Sport Premium packages.

Major operating results for Q3 2018 

Last updated 11/08/2018

Cyfrowy Polsat Group sums up its results for Q2 2018. Half a million new contract services and a 20 percent growth of the number of multiplay customers. Strategic acquisitions and launch of sale of offers featuring access to UEFA Champions League

Cyfrowy Polsat Group closed Q2 with very good and stable results which are in line with its long-term strategy in both customer segments. The achieved, strong results exceed the average figures expected by stock exchange analysts. Acquisition of control over Netia in May paved way for the start of operational cooperation of the two companies, whereas strategic cooperation and purchase of a controlling stake in the Eleven Sports Network’s Polish operation support consistent development of the Group’s offer of premium sports programs.

Last updated 08/28/2018

Cyfrowy Polsat Group sums up Q1 2018: more contract services and more customers using bundled services

Cyfrowy Polsat Group ended Q1 2018 with very good operational and sales results in both segments of its activity. As many as nearly 1.6 million customers use bundled offers while the number of contract services increased by nearly 0.5 million. Beginning of the year was marked by strong growth of advertising revenues and high share in the TV advertising market. Very good financial results of the entire Group were supported by the quickly achieved synergies with the newly acquired TV channels.

Last updated 05/11/2018

Cyfrowy Polsat Group sums up the 2017 results: over 1.5 million customers using multiplay services and new acquisitions which expand the Group’s operations on media and telecommunication markets

It was another year of very good operating and financial results for Cyfrowy Polsat Group. Most important events of 2017 included: further effective pursuit of multiplay strategy, implementation of Roam like at home (RLAH) principle, acquisition of broadcasting rights for UEFA Champions League and  UEFA Europa League as well as strategic acquisitions. Once again the Group  recorded  high growth of the number of contract services and multiplay customers.

Last updated 03/23/2018

Planned strategic investment of Grupa Cyfrowy Polsat – acquisition of a block of shares in Netia. New services, new market and boost to implementation of a convergent operator strategy

Cyfrowy Polsat placed purchase orders for a combined block of approximately 32% of shares in Netia from its two major shareholders. The total purchase price has been set at PLN 638.8 million. Cyfrowy Polsat intends also to announce a tender offer in order to achieve a stake of no more than 66% of the total number of votes at the General Meeting of Netia.

Last updated 12/04/2017

Polsat Group to boost its TV segment. Telewizja Polsat with new channels from ZPR Media Group

Polsat Group continues its development strategy for the television production and broadcasting segment as, pursuant to an agreement executed with ZPR Media Group, it acquires 100% of shares in the companies owning Eska TV, Eska TV Extra, Eska Rock TV, Polo TV and Vox Music TV channels, as well as a 34% stake in the company owning Fokus TV and Nowa TV stations, and concluded a preliminary share purchase agreement pertaining to further 15% of shares in that company to be acquired in the future.

Last updated 12/04/2017


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