Plus starts rolling out a commercial 5G network

Polkomtel, the operator of Plus network and a Cyfrowy Polsat Group company, is starting the roll-out of the first in Poland commercial 5G network which will operate using the spectrum from 2600 MHz band based on TDD transmission technique. In Q1 2020 the new technology will become available to customers in at least 7 cities around Poland.

Last updated 01/07/2020

Plus and Cyfrowy Polsat are the most Internet-intensive companies in Poland! EXABYTE of data transferred in 2018! Over 73% of Poland’s inhabitants live within the coverage area of LTE Plus Advanced service, while 99% have access to LTE technology

Over a billion gigabytes (GB) were transferred in Cyfrowy Polsat Group’s network in 2018! It’s the first Exabyte of data transferred in a mobile network in Poland, with more than 91% of the data transmission taking place in

Last updated 04/02/2019

Over 600 Mbps in LTE Plus Advanced network! Tests with the use of state-of-the-art smartphones and Nokia AirScale platform. Aggregation of 55 MHz of spectrum in four frequency bands along with 256 QAM modulation and MIMO 4x4 technology

Cyfrowy Polsat Group has implemented further

Last updated 06/22/2018

Netia’s services offered in the sales network of Cyfrowy Polsat and Plus. Netia’s services offered with smartDOM loyalty scheme discounts to Cyfrowy Polsat and Plus customers!

In two weeks, from June 18, Netia’s services will be available in Cyfrowy Polsat and Plus sales network. Thanks to this Netia’s services will be offered in a much bigger number of sales outlets than to-date. The customers of Plus and Cyfrowy Polsat will also benefit as they will be able to buy Netia services with the discounts offered in smartDom loyalty scheme. For starters, during the pilot offer, Netia services will be available in 181 points of sale, with the coverage ultimately expanding to the entire sales network of Cyfrowy Polsat Group.

Last updated 06/05/2018

Plus and Cyfrowy Polsat introduce the Home Internet 300 Set The new set supports LTE-Advanced technology and offers data transfer rates of up to 300 Mbps

The Home Internet 300 is expected to be added to Plus and Cyfrowy Polsat’s offer in the next few days. It is the latest generation solution and the next step in the development of this unique product which has been successfully offered by Cyfrowy Polsat Group on the Polish market since 2014. The solution offers high speed

Last updated 01/22/2018


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