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TV Polsat named the Broadcaster of the Year according to "Media & Marketing Polska"

TV Polsat received the title of the Broadcaster of the Year in the report prepared by the "Media & Marketing Polska" magazine.
In the opinion of the authors of the report, TV Polsat stood out in a positive way against the entire television market in Poland. The station has been appreciated most of all for the consistent creation of their programming offer, courageous experiments with content and synergy with other entities belonging to the Group. 

Last updated 11/02/2015

Channels of Telewizja Polsat on MUX 8 planned as fully adjusted for people with seeing and hearing disabilities

Telewizja Polsat in its applications submitted to the National Broadcasting Council (KRRiT) for Polsat Show, Polsat Vita and Polsat Evo channels for MUX 8 of digital terrestrial television committed itself to prepare all the broadcasted content in a manner enabling their reception for people with seeing and hearing disabilities. This means that as the first and only broadcaster in Poland, Telewizja Polsat is making commitments going far beyond the legal requirements of the European Union and Poland.

Last updated 10/26/2015

smartCOMPANY 2 – even more benefits for your business

Starting from October 8 business customers of Plus can benefit from a new, better offer under the program smartFIRMA 2 (smartCOMPANY 2), which allows to combine services and thus generate financial savings.
New categories of services were introduced in the smartCOMPANY 2 program, customers have greater elasticity in their choice of services, a new fixed-line telephony offer was added and new products can be purchased at any time during the duration of the program.

Last updated 10/19/2015

Ja+Zdrowie available from Plus

Plus is the first Polish mobile network to offer its customers access to medical and preventive consultations via a smartphone or tablet in the form of a video-consultation, chat or normal conversation. Falck Medycyna Sp. z o.o. is the medical partner of the solution.


The application “Ja+Zdrowie” (I+Health) ensures:

Last updated 09/21/2015

Polsat – the viewership leader during the summer months

In the summer period, i.e. from June 1st to August 31, Telewizja POLSAT was the viewership leader, recording an average share in the commercial group of 12.1% SHR. Polsat outranked TVN and both public TV channels. The shares of Polsat Group in the holiday season are as follows: 24.7% SHR in 16-49 group and 22.6% SHR in the survey covering all viewers aged 4 +.

Last updated 09/07/2015

Telewizja Polsat opens a new production center

From the beginning of September, Telewizja Polsat will have its own state-of-the-art sound stage for production of television shows. The facility is located at Łubinowa Street in Warsaw. Having its own production studio for execution of television shows will ensure higher independence for Telewizja Polsat and the entire Polsat Group and permanent access to the production facilities. This fits in the long-term strategy of building the company’s own technological base for TV production.

Last updated 09/07/2015

Polsatnews.pl – new information portal on the Polish media market

polsatnews.jpgThe information portal, which is to by launched at the turn of September and October under the address www.polsatnews.pl, will constitute an entirely new source of information, not only an online compliment of Polsat News and Polsat News 2.

Last updated 09/08/2016


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