Success thanks to people

Our employees care for assuring top standards while serving 5.8 million customers each day and while caring for the quality of the 16.5 million services provided by us.

The success of Cyfrowy Polsat Group is based not only on transmitters, television studios, frequencies or licenses but most of all on a group of nearly five thousand employees.

It is to them that we owe our position on the market and our reputation, and the fact that each year more and more Poles choose to use the services of the Group’s companies. We offer attractive working conditions and additional benefits, thus attracting the best employees to our organization. We would like our Group to be a good and friendly workplace, therefore we consistently take care of the transfer of knowledge and flow of good practices in the HR area between the Group’s companies. We are glad that we attract excellent employees but we are even more pleased that they stay with us for many years.


Last updated 02/07/2019