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The entertainment website IPLA offers the most diversified database of legal video content and live broadcasts in Poland and over 110 online TV channels, live coverage of major national and international sports events, a vast and regularly expanded library of feature films, TV series and television programs provided by both Polish and international licensors. At present, IPLA offers on average over 500 hours per month of live coverage of the largest sports events nationwide and worldwide. IPLA provides its users access to content in the free of charge model accompanied by advertisements and the paid model, as well as the possibility to download selected content and view it offline. Over 80% of IPLA VOD content is available free of charge, whereas advertisements constitute the source of revenue.

Access to video materials and channels via the Internet is based on one of three models. The first is a pay model, where a customer makes a fixed payment for the right to access a given video material. The second model consists in access to a package of video materials and channels in exchange for a periodic monthly fee. The third model is based on free access in exchange for viewing advertisements. Approximately 60% of IPLA’s total revenue is generated by the advertisement-based model, while about 40% is derived from the purchase of access to content made by users.

Thanks to the website and dedicated applications the content of IPLA service is available on a wide array of consumer devices: in the most popular web browsers on computers and mobile devices as well as in native mobile apps powered by iOS, Android, on TV sets with Internet connections (e.g., Android TV, Samsung, LG, Sony, Panasonic, Philips) and on set-top boxes (cable TV TOYA, Netia). Since its inception IPLA’s mobile app has been already downloaded 11 million times.

Moreover, we offer to our satellite TV customers the video on demand (VOD) “Home Film Rental” service which allows paid access to the latest novelties and film hits through a set-top box. The service does not require any additional technological solutions and is available via a TV set.

In October 2019, we signed a joint venture agreement with Discovery Communications Europe Limited to launch a new OTT streaming platform which will give viewers a single destination to access a wide selection of content (including, among others, movies, series, documentaries, sports and entertainment shows), produced either by parties to the agreement or purchased from both external produces and a new entity. The OTT platform will operate both in the advertising-funded model (AVOD) and, at a later stage, also in the paid model (SVOD/TVOD). The joint venture will start operations after obtaining regulatory clearance.

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Last updated 09/14/2020