Online video

The IPLA service offered by our Group is the leader of the Polish video online streaming market, both in terms of compatibility with a broad range of terminal devices (including computers, tablets, smartphones, Internet-enabled TV sets, set-top boxes, and game consoles) and in terms of content volume. IPLA also enjoys a leading position in terms of the number of users and the average time spent by a single user on watching streamed content. According to our data, in 2015 the average number of unique users of the IPLA website/application was approximately 3.4 million per month.


IPLA online television offers access to 47 linear TV channels, a vast library of feature films, Poland’s largest legal TV content database, comprising tens of thousands video materials including over 180 series and TV programs aired on over 35 TV channels, as well as around 200 hours of major sports events coverage per month. IPLA television also comprises a wide selection of content available free of charge with commercials (90% of the entire resources).

Access to programming content via Internet is based on one of three settlement models. The first is a fixed monthly payment for the right to broadcast a given program, the second – settlement according to the audience share of the given programming content and the third – the percentage share in the advertising revenue generated by advertisements broadcast in proximity to the material. In the case of the IPLA service, about 75% of total revenue is generated by sales of advertisements, and about 25% is derived from content purchases by the service users.

IPLA offers access to TV content grouped in thematic packages (IPLA SPORT, IPLA FILMY I SERIALE, IPLA DZIECI, IPLA WIEDZA I NEWS, IPLA ROZRYWKA, IPLA PREMIERY, IPLA WORLD and IPLA EXTRA), which are activated for a period of 30 or 90 days or on a one-off basis in the form of 48-hour access to selected items. Cyfrowy Polsat and Polkomtel customers enjoy special price reductions. In addition, customers of our satellite TV, internet services and Plus customers are offered dedicated content packages in IPLA (IPLA MIX, IPLA PLUS, IPLA SUPERPLUS and FILMBOX LIVE), some of them included in the subscription fee for the first six months or for the entire term of the contract, depending on the basic package purchased by the customer. 

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Technology and infrastructure

Within IPLA internet television, we use our own technology adapted to the leading operating systems and a wide range of consumer devices. We have developed unique technological competencies in encoding and streaming audiovisual content on the Internet, as well as optimizing distribution of this type of signal. Unlike our competitors, we apply proprietary solutions, which enable us to provide services optimally adjusted to the limited Internet infrastructure in Poland and the capacities of external systems with which our applications are integrated. In this way, we may offer services of higher quality compared to widely used solutions. For instance, our system of HD video stream encoding in IPLA helps to significantly reduce the broadband required to deliver the signal as compared with the solutions implemented by other operators on the Polish market. It also enables us to offer multi-camera broadcasts live, which is a unique service on the Polish Internet market. The protection system (DRM), additionally applied in IPLA, enables us to offer pay content on mobile devices and smartTVs. Moreover, in response to market needs and the continuous growth of VOD viewership on mobile devices, in 2015 we implemented new mobile application interfaces that are in line with current trends. Consequently, our platform meets current trends and accommodates all the needs of our customers regarding access to on-line video irrespectively of location, time and the device used.

Access to IPLA resources is available to users of computers running Windows and Windows 8 through the website and dedicated applications, mobile devices powered by iOS, Android and Windows Phone, TV sets with internet connections (Samsung, LG, Sony, Panasonic, Philips, Sharp, Ikea (TV UPPLEVA), Toshiba, Thomson, TCL), set-top boxes (Cyfrowy Polsat, cable TV TOYA, Netia), game consoles (PlayStation 3) and Blu-ray. 

Last updated 03/03/2016